DIY Face Scrub using Baking Soda and Cetaphil


Exfoliation is a very important part of a healthy skincare routine as it contributes to glowing youthful skin. The many benefits of exfoliation are listed below:

Benefits of Exfoliation:

–             Removes dead, dull skin cells

–             Improves overall skin tone and texture

–             Aids in keeping acne at bay through the removal of dead skin cells responsible for clogged pores

–             Encourages the skins renewal process

–             Allows for other products (i.e. serums) to penetrate deeper into the skin

–             Minimization of fine lines and wrinkles

The problem(s) that I find when trying to find a suitable face scrub are a) the price is not always right ($$$$), b) they are too harsh or irritating for my sensitive skin, and c) the overwhelming number of options (where to start?).

Thankfully I have an inexpensive, customizable, and effective solution for all of these problem with an ingredient that everyone has at home! – the Secret Ingredient is Baking Soda!

DIY Customizable Scrub (featuring baking soda)

baking soda and cetaphil

This scrub has really helped me exfoliate my “complicated” (sensitive, combination, acne-prone, hormonal skin type) skin without making me break out. The great thing about this scrub is depending on your skin type; you can customize the amount of “scrub” your skin

 is getting. For example, because I have sensitive skin I use a small amount of baking soda. I am thus able to exfoliate effectively but without irritation.

Here is how to do it:


Baking soda

Gentle cleanser for “base” I SWEAR by Cetaphil



Step 1. Mix baking soda (more= stronger scrub, less= gentler scrub) with cleanser of your choice (in my case Cetaphil). You can also use water instead of a cleanser if you want.

Step 2. Apply to face and massage gently into skin in small circular motions. I usually do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 3. RINSE and feel how soft your skin is!

* I typically do this 2 times per week, however if you feel as though you need more exfoliation (i.e. in the winter time) repeat more frequently.

Authored by: Nicole Kirkpatrick

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